Random savings

The reform of health insurance must, according to Philippe Douste-Blazy, to achieve “between 15 to 16 billion euros” savings per year.

That is 10 billion fewer expenses, 5 billion more revenue, and 1 billion from the reduction of interest on the debt. But as much on the receipts, the evaluations can be reliable, as much, on the expenditure side, the estimations are very random. They are based first on expected changes in the behavior of patients and prescribers.

Induced effect.

Thus, the package of one euro per consultation would yield 630 million euros. This is the number of annual consultations multiplied by one euro, not counting the children and beneficiaries of the CMU. But measurement can have an induced effect. Positive if it discourages a significant number of patients to consult at the slightest concern. Negative, if it multiplies the acts put in the name of the children. And the effect will not be the same depending on whether this euro may or may not be repaid by the complementary (mutual, private insurance or business contract), a point not yet decided.

A ladle.

Another economy, the one expected, a strengthening control of work stoppages. It is estimated at 800 million euros. But this is a goal that will not be achieved for many years. Same thing for the “rationalization of hospital purchases”, which the government hopes to draw 1.5 billion euros. As for the economy that should result from the development of generic drugs or the delisting of low-performing specialties, it is costly, at 2 billion euros.

More random is the evaluation of 3.5 billion euros of savings corresponding to the generalization of “good practices”: passage to the doctor before consulting a specialist, better coordination hospital-medicine city thanks to the medical file computerized, the definition of care protocols. These are medium-term measures, and the 2007 deadline is optimistic, assuming that practitioners play the game.

Payday loan consolidation http://computerhistoryclub.org/benefits-of-finding-a-tax-attorney prev. Only the new recipes are certain. The increase from 0.13% to 0.16% of the turnover of the rate of the Social Security Contribution of companies (C3S) will yield 1 billion euros and the increase from 6.2% to 6.6% of the CSG for taxable pensioners, 3 billion. The state would add 1 billion euros of additional tax revenue (tobacco and alcohol), while the debt consolidation would save 1 billion financial expenses.